Revision Street: Katie Lizzie Drew, 6

Revision Street: Katie Lizzie Drew, 6

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Katie Lizzie Drew is a pseudonym for one of the cutest little girls in the world. She’s Latina and lives in West Ridge, with her mom and her dad. Not too far away from Andres and Michelle Flores, in fact.

I’m 6. Well I’m 6, but I’m almost 7. I’m pretty much one of the youngest in my class so I get to go first in probably all the games.

(photo by Heather Phillips)

The thing that I don’t like about being 6 and almost 7 is that is that there’s not really anything like a real number to say. So all I say is 6, ‘cause I’m almost like 6, 6, 6, and that makes 7. And then the other bad part about being 6 is, I’m one of the youngest people in my class. A lot of people are 7 and some of them are already 7 and a half.

Why is it better to be 7?

Well one thing they get older and they’re 7. I think they’re a little more happier to be a age up, and maybe they’re a little bit sad that one of their friends is still 6 or something.

I like to play outside and I like to do gymnastics and I like to do soccer. I like to, I don’t know, watch TV maybe. My favorite show is iCarly. It’s about these kids and this girl named Carly and she’s 15 and she has two friends and they have a website and it’s called iCarly and one of the episodes is very weird.

I also like to play gymnastics, and play outside. I think it’s fun to watch my own TV show for a little while and I like sitting down and hanging out watching my show and soccer. I just like exercising and running around and kicking the ball and goaling, like getting goals. I just like to get exercise and do gymnastics. I like doing cartwheels, I do cartwheels all the time. I’m practicing my handstands and backbends and little bit of those back flips.

The two teeth in front of my mouth are really loose. One is looser than the other but I think they’re really loose.

What are you going to do when you lose your teeth?

I’m gonna figure out where my little box is and I’m gonna put the two teeth, or one of them if they come out one at a time, in the little box, close the lid and put it under my pillow for the Tooth Fairy. Then the Tooth Fairy will come in the middle of the night and give me money. The last two teeth that I lost I got five dollars for each one.

Really? The tooth fairy only ever gave me a quarter. I wonder if you have a different one.

I think they’re different because some of my friends just got at least like a half dollar or a dollar coin, like a half-dollar coin, and I got five dollars—like the real dollars. One of them was just one dollar that said five dollars on it, and the other one, there was just cash one dollars, so many dollars. Five dollars.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I want to be a couple of things. A vet, a doctor, or just maybe go to a plain old work, like a plain old job. Maybe I can help people, like poor people. I do want to be a really good athlete. Maybe an actual real scientist.

If you’re a vet, you get to learn about dogs and cats and all different kinds of animals. If you’re a doctor you get to learn about humans, and I want to be a scientist, too, so I can learn about a bunch of different things … but I do like dogs, so …

What’s your favorite kind of dog?

I’m not sure. Maybe dogs that are smart, or dachshunds, or really cute dogs. We have a dachshund at home. Annie. We I got her when I was about four years old. She was my first pet, but I did have a neighbor that had cats upstairs.

Are cats better, or are dogs better?

I’m not sure.

If someone brought you a really sick cat and a really sick dog, and you could only work on one of them, which one would you work on?

I’m not sure.

What if the cat was really cute?

And the dog was really ugly?

Yes. And mean.

Then the cat. Let’s make another vet take care of the dog. And then maybe she has a really mean dog, so she knows how to take care of mean dogs.

What kind of other animals do you like?

I like um, dogs, cats, birds, flamingos, fish, octopus. I can’t really think of anything else. Seals, turtles, rabbits, bunnies, rabbits. I can’t really think of anymore. Dolphins.




Leeches … no. Well, maybe.