Salon Series brings junk food to Bluebird

Salon Series brings junk food to Bluebird

Cézanne painted bowls of fruit. Pamela Johnson prefers Hostess cupcakes. The local artist was the featured speaker at Bluebird’s Salon Series of dinners last night. The series highlights local artists, who discuss their work over a five-course meal. I spoke with Johnson before the dinner, to talk about her work and her inspiration. She’ll be featured again at the restaurant next Sunday, the 23rd. Call 773-486-2473 for reservations. While they did sneak in a few Reese’s peanut butter cups along the way, they also served a hearty meal:

arugula, brie, lemon
roasted red peppers, mozzarella, garlic, watercress

wild mushrooms and bacon in garlic cream sauce

Steak Frites
garlic & rosemary

Vegetarian Kebab
grilled seasonal vegetables

Belgian Waffles
chocolate & whipped cream, banana & caramel sauce