Sammy! Sammy! Sammy! Great to see Sosa back on TV (in stands, at basketball game)

Sammy! Sammy! Sammy! Great to see Sosa back on TV (in stands, at basketball game)
Sammy! Sammy! Sammy! Great to see Sosa back on TV (in stands, at basketball game)

Sammy! Sammy! Sammy! Great to see Sosa back on TV (in stands, at basketball game)

Oh, Kyle. (Photo by AP)

Whichever way you slice it, this Heat/Bulls series is tops. It’s so super-charged, not only with great basketball but with stupid side drama that only teams like these could deliver. Get a Bogans/Wade or, even better, Deng/LeBron fight going? Boozer/Bosh? Derrick Rose against the world? Heck, even Ronnie Brewer is fun to watch.

It’s heavyweight basketball. Both teams, trading blows. Miami’s bigger, Chicago’s stronger. It’s what the MJ-led Bulls rarely had during their championship run: a team that could beat them. Yes, there were teams like the Knicks and Pacers that pushed the Bulls, but the Bulls were always the favorites. In this case, America loves the Heat because big business love the Heat. Our biggest secret as fan? We want to win it all, but we’re cool if we don’t. This is our first year with a 22-year-old MVP. Sound familiar? It would be really nice to have this team earn it and keep it for as many years as our last team. If it means they learn a few lessons and get experience from it, great. And then we come back stronger and win the whole thing (see Derrick Rose hugging trophy).

Here are some other random observations from Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals:

Did Noah use a gay slur? I missed it, but the Chicago Tribune didn’t. They wrote up the alleged story before halftime with YouTube clip. This is going to be huge this morning. C’mon, Joakim. Chicago wants to like you. But you are too over-the-top with your emotions. Did a fan really get to you on the sideline? That’s what they pay big money for those seats for! You just gave the Miami Heat a reason to jack up those court side prices. “You can also interact with visiting players and get under their skin. $4,500.”

Personally, I think the NBA should suspend him for one game. Imagine what message that would send over how serious the league was?

You heard it here first: Derrick Rose and LeBron James travel like crazy. Sorry, but guys like LeBron, Dwyane and Derrick should get the calls because they are that much more talented than everyone. But not a lot of fouls were called when D. Rose got to the paint. You don’t want to call it for Asik, I understand. But c’mon, Rose should be at the line 15 times a game. I saw Chalmers on the line more than Rose. Chalmers? C’mon. (Ed note: Chalmers did not go to the line more than Rose. But still, point made.)

Again, with the white-outed arenas??!! Do you buy one of those shirts, or do they give you one when you walk in? This t-shirt trend is getting cheesy. If you are going to give credit, give the credit to the Chicago red out or Oklahoma City blue out because really, white out is so lame. Every team has white in their colors. The Heat fans should wear maroon.

I hope these two teams continue to jaw at each other. Get a real hatred going for both squads. All that leads to a rivalry and great basketball for the next 10 years. Face it ladies, your husbands and boyfriends will be ‘this’ into basketball for the next 10 years. Every May/June is going to suck in Chicago if you aren’t a Bulls fan.

The Miami Heat play at American Airlines Arena? The Bulls play at the United Center? Do you remember when airline companies were the biggest thing in business? Now it’s all banks.

What’s with MJ’s Hitler ‘stache in those Hanes commercials? It’s not a full mustache, it’s just a half one.

Oooh, was that Julius Peppers watching the game in the White Sox hat, sitting next to the scorers table in the front row? I’m now super jacked up. Go Bulls and go NFL players union. Let’s get this damn NFL season back on track. PEPPERS!!!!!

Can TNT hire any more of the Bulls’ most hated? McHale is now on the post-game analysis. You already have Charles Barkley/Reggie Miller? At least we have Kerr. I guess it could be worse: the ESPN crew is made up of Jeff Van Gundy and Marc Jackson. Ugh.

Open letter to the Heat PA announcer: Calm it down.

God, the Heat just have a slew of guys that can take over a game with huge runs. Bosh in the first half. DWade in the 3rd. Haslem in late third. And then in the 4th quarter, it was LeBron time. Oh, Kyle. You tried so hard.

After the game, I was ready to turn it off but it was fun to watch the Heat fans throw things at Charles Barkley. And I’m glad I stayed with the post-game, as they flashed the biggest celebrity of the game, giving his signature hand-signs:

If I were sitting behind him, I would have chanted “Sammy! Sammy! Sammy!” all game. Then I would have partied with him at all of Miami’s finest nightclubs and yachts. I miss you Sammy Sosa.