Scandal brewing: Did Rahm not make a bet with the mayor of Miami?

Scandal brewing: Did Rahm not make a bet with the mayor of Miami?
Scandal brewing: Did Rahm not make a bet with the mayor of Miami?

Scandal brewing: Did Rahm not make a bet with the mayor of Miami?

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What did you bet, mayor! We demand the truth!

We are not even one week into the new Emanuel administration and we might have our first scandal. No, it’s not casinos. And no it’s not TIFs. It’s worse. I have reason to believe that Mayor Emanuel did NOT place a bet with the Miami mayor over the Heat v. Bulls Eastern Conference Final. I have watched hours of the City that Works channel and I haven’t seen any program featuring Emanuel presenting various Chicago gifts as loot. No Robinson’s Ribs. No Eli’s Cheesecake. No Vitners.

C’mon. Everyone knows that the Chicago mayor has three job responsibilities.

  • Using the gavel at the City Council meetings
  • Taking visiting dignitaries to the Chicago Firehouse Restaurant
  • Making bets with other mayors over sporting events

The famed mayor’s press office did not immediately respond with comment. Typical. Now maybe they did make a bet behind closed doors without public input. If that’s the case, so much for this new transparent government. This will not stand. You hear me? THIS WILL NOT STAND! If this is the new way of doing business in Chicago, hundreds of Chicagoans (and light news media) will be crushed.

Now to his defense, he wasn’t ‘technically’ mayor yet. Neither was Daley (game was on Sunday). But wouldn’t a true leader assume control early to make a bet with another city over a sporting event?

B story: You know, I usually rip on Sneed in this column, but she has a good scoop today: Daley is selling his house. For a million bucks. Which you would gladly pay, because you would love the absolute power of showering where Daley showered.

C story: Is it me or whenever you hear news of the Rana terror trial, you automatically start singing the chorus of Rihanna’s hit “What’s My Name?” Maybe it’s just me.

D story: Blagojevich’s defense team says they are going to call some high-profile witnesses as part of their defense. God, I hope it’s Darryl Strawberry.

Weather: Beauty.

Sports: The Cubs and Sox won yesterday as we await Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals, which I heard won’t be played til July. This is super annoying, NBA. How is it that the Mavs and the Thunder played with one day in between? The wait is killing our momentum. Here’s hoping this series goes 7. Why? Because I want it to be epic. One of those series they show on ESPN Classics. And I want it to be a jumping off point for a decade-long rivalry between LeBron James & Dwyane Wade and Derrick Rose. How great would that be. A new Packers/Bears.

Also, the Cubs head to Fenway park this weekend for an interleague series against the Red Sox. First time they’ve been to Fenway since 1918.

Kicker: This is the top photo on Reddit today. Camouflage!