Should concealed guns be allowed on the CTA?

Should concealed guns be allowed on the CTA?
Under Surveillance Flickr/TheeErin
Should concealed guns be allowed on the CTA?
Under Surveillance Flickr/TheeErin

Should concealed guns be allowed on the CTA?

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‘YES, THAT WOULD SOLVE SO MANY PROBLEMS,’ SAID NO ONE WHO ACTUALLY RIDES THE CTA. The National Rifle Association wants public transit riders allowed to carry concealed guns on buses and trains. A lobbyist tells the Sun-Times it’s only fair for those who can’t afford their own cars: “They don’t get the right to self-defense? They’re supposed to roam around defenseless?”
* From WBEZ’s Tony Arnold: NRA lobbyist says “There will be no … local rules about where you can or cannot carry.”
* And yet, time’s running out for the state to draft a concealed weapons law.

* Emanuel’s solution to Chicago’s violence includes new $50 million fundraising drive for city’s poorest kids.
* The Tribune‘s John Kass: Why is New York’s pro-gun-control Mayor Bloomberg “butting his way into Chicago politics“?
* Vice President Biden: Want to protect yourself? “Get a double-barrel shotgun.”
* 10 social media moments that shaped the gun-control debate.

DE-SIGNING DAY. A billboard a residents group found offensive has been removed from a River North neighborhood whose restaurants are popular as family destinations, Chicago reports.

* Taste of Chicago lost $1.3 million last year.

THE GUY WHO HACKED BURGER KING? Gizmodo says it’s figured out who took over the @BurgerKing account on Twitter.
* @Jeep jacked, too.
* MTV and BET fake their own twitjackings.
* Twitter’s blog: “Best practices” for passwords.

‘DO NOT VISIT THIS SITE IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM.’ That’s ZDNet’s advice about the Web address linked to compromise of computers at Facebook and Apple. Here’s what it says you should do.
* All Things D: “… And there’s probably more to come.”
* Andy Ihnatko: “If any of you is driving a vintage Ford Pinto … get a Java bumper sticker for it.”
* What is a “zero-day attack“?

SEN. McCONNELL, IS YOUR REFRIGERATOR RUNNING? The military’s answer to The Onion, The Duffel Blog, fooled the U.S. Senate Republican leader into taking seriously a report that Guantanamo Bay prisoners have been getting post-Sept. 11 GI Bill of Rights benefits.
* Columbia University prof under review after stripping, showing 9/11 video during quantum mechanics class, where student catches it on video.

CUBS STRETCH INTO THE 21st CENTURY. Among the changes coming to Wrigley Field and on-air broadcasts this year, the Tribune reports: During the seventh-inning stretch, more focus on ex-Cubs and Chicago natives; and more songs recorded after the 1980s. And the Cubs want your music suggestions, emailed to in-game programming director Jim Oboikowitch or senior marketing director Alison Miller.
* Website glitches suspend Chicago Marathon online registration until at least Thursday.
* Chicago passes on 2024 Olympics candidacy.

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