Silver lining of power outages? You probably saved, like, three bucks off next month’s bill

Silver lining of power outages? You probably saved, like, three bucks off next month’s bill
Silver lining of power outages? You probably saved, like, three bucks off next month’s bill

Silver lining of power outages? You probably saved, like, three bucks off next month’s bill

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Well, that sucks. (Flickr/Clark Maxwell)
The CPS board is meeting today to either approve or decline raises for administrators, namely CEO Jean-Claude Brizard. This probably won’t sit well with teachers, who just had their raises rescinded. So he would get a raise and be paid more than any other CEO in CPS history. Hmm. Tough to spin that one.

B story: The NFL owners met in Chicago yesterday. Well, Rosemont. Because that’s how the NFL owners roll. The owners are so lazy that they always meet next to airports, so they don’t have to walk very long after getting off their jet. I should be nicer, because this is common corporate practice. But man, I wonder what the NFL owners think of Chicago? Every time they come here, they have to meet at the Outback Steakhouse on Higgins Road. If I were from Charlotte, I would hate this town.

C story: This was on the AP daybook - the Lighthouse Church of All Nations (awesome name, btw) is giving away 300 “fill-ups” of $15 for the first in line at the Food 4 Less on 12159 S. Pulaski. That’s just enough gas for you to either a) drive to another gas station or b) pray for more gas.

D story: Roger Ebert felt the wrath of Jackass nation yesterday when he tweeted about the death of Ryan Dunn. Facebook went as far as taking down his page after complaints. Ebert didn’t back down and lashed out at Facebook, while apologizing for his insensitive tweet. I am a big fan of Jackass and Ryan Dunn, but I still am not sure that what Ebert tweeted was that salacious? “Friends don’t let Jackasses drink and drive.” I understand how that could rile up fans and friends of Dunn. But Ebert is a pop-culture critic. I guess it’s because more people give Ebert the time of day than a TMZ or a Perez Hilton, who ironically led the attack on Ebert. I guess the bigger issue for me was how the media handled it. The Chicago Tribune gave the Ebert flap the #1 bucket on their web site. And local TV news went to Ebert’s house (maybe archive b-roll) to report this out for the 10pm casts. Really? I’m failing to understand the news angle. Is it because of the raging flame-war that ensued after the comments? If that’s the case, Ron Magers should report on Daisy334’s assertions that Justin Beiber sucks.

E story: Joe Biden raised $800,000 last night for epilepsy. Wow. That’s mostly because he was charging $10k for a photo. I, as your neighborhood bargain hunter, say you could drop $500 on Photoshop and learn how to super impose images. Then drop $15 on a frame? $3 on a sharpie? BOOM.

Weather: Terrible night of weather to celebrate Summer. Appropriate for this year’s stupid weather. Does ComEd adjust rates when there are prolonged power outages? So silver lining? You might have saved six bucks last night.

Sports: So the Cubs and the Sox have split the series so far. Today is the rubber game. The winner will be one step closer to being steps away from their division leaders.

Kicker: I am taking it on the chin from peeved Q101 listeners because I called station listeners’ “emo”. It’s not emo. It’s Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Rage Against the Machine and Stone Temple Pilots. Over and over and over and over. And over. So I apologize for going to the easy “emo” joke when there were so many better Q101 jokes left on the table. So let me throw out some alternative headlines for yesterday’s post:

Randy Michaels buys Q101. Does this mean Sherman & Tingle will do impressions of Felicia Middlebrooks?

Randy Michaels buys Q101. News and talk on the 30s, pranks on the 10.

Randy Michaels buys Q101. Please tell me they will still play that one System of a Down tune.

Randy Michaels buys Q101. It’s about time alt-rock went away.