Sound bite of the day: Kirk goes after (Navy Pier) pirates

Sound bite of the day: Kirk goes after (Navy Pier) pirates

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Just when I thought we would have to retire the ‘Sound bite of the day’ due to the sudden retirement of State Senator Ricky ‘Hollywood’ Hendon. But alas, our new Senator comes to the rescue! Senator Kirk is campaigning against pirates. When I first heard this, I thought he was talking about pirate-actors that roam Navy Pier in the summertime. But his line “If you can’t be tough on pirates, who can you be tough on?” makes this a no-brainer sound bite of the day:


And just for fun, let’s bring in a great Mayor Daley clip. Daley was asked about the Sun-Times investigation into his nephew’s Rush Street altercation a few years back. Vanecko allegedly punched someone who fell and hit his head on the sidewalk. He died from brain trauma 12 days later. The police determined it was self-defense and Vanecko was never charged. But the police are re-opening the case. It’s a big front page story that goes deep into why the case was never solved and why no one was charged. It also questions police procedure during the days after. So that’s a big deal, right? Right, Mayor Daley?