Sound bite of the day: Radogno enters the Wu-Tang

Sound bite of the day: Radogno enters the Wu-Tang

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This is priceless. And I thought there might be a shortage of sound bites without a daily Daley press conference. State Senator Christine Radogno had the pleasure of visiting with Raekwon (Wu-Tang) last night. She brought up that conversation to illustrate her point about fiscal responsibility and balancing budgets.

This from Capitol Fax:

In response I can only say:

Radogno needs some script work. The ‘dolla, dolla bill, y’all’ bit is played out. She needs to get into some of the Clan’s deep cuts.

She should have changed the song ‘Shame on a Ni**a’ to “Shame on a (se)Nator” and then got the full Republican caucus to wave their hands to the side and chant:

“Re-pub-li-cans ain’t nothin’ to f*ck wit” until lunch.

Rumor has it that Radogno also met with Ghostface Killah, who instructed her to throw down her mic when finished. But the senate mics are unfortunately bolted to the lecturn.

I could do this all day. Who’s with me? Add to comments below.