Summer reruns: When did the Blagojevich trial get so boring?

Summer reruns: When did the Blagojevich trial get so boring?
Summer reruns: When did the Blagojevich trial get so boring?

Summer reruns: When did the Blagojevich trial get so boring?

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When I came in today, I asked my colleagues covering the Blagojevich trial for good nuggets! You know, stuff that won’t make the newscasts but were funny observations. They really didn’t have any. Why? Because this trial is really, really, really boring. Without the legal team of Sam & Sam, and without the fun reveal of recorded Blagojevich phone calls, it’s a retread. Remember when NBC would say “If you haven’t seen it, it’s new to you” when referring to reruns? Well, we’ve seen this trial before. So I’m switching over to Everybody Loves Raymond.

B story: Wow! Eight Forty-Eight has a full interview with the dude from Star Trek! I don’t know why it’s such a big deal, but our education crew interviewed Captain Jean-Luc Picard today. Wait, I’m getting this now…it’s coming through on the desk…CORRECTION! The interview is with Jean-Claude Brizard, the new CPS chief! Not the captain of the Enterprise. My bad.

Now that we’ve dispensed with that bit, check out the interview.

C story: Awful news. A woman was hit at Illinois & Columbus yesterday night. The 26 year-old woman was in the crosswalk while a bus was trying to turn. It;s a painful reminder of how tight our everyday commutes are. Split seconds determine the difference between walking through and on with your life or being hit by racing cars, trucks and buses and being pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. I’m very aware of the weird rhythm and relationship between downtown traffic and pedestrians. It’s like a ballet. And the more you walk and drive those areas, the more you become desensitized to the dangers lurking around the corner. But when something goes wrong, the results are just devastating. I always wonder if it’s just a matter of time til that happens to me or someone I love. Bummer.

Weather: Yesterday, when the wind was whipping my (no) hair as I walked to the bus, I said aloud - “It’s May frickin’ 3rd.” Ugh.

Sports: Derrick Rose becomes the youngest MVP in NBA history!!!! How bout that! That’s so great for Chicago and the Bulls organization. This is also amazing to think that a #1 pick could become the best player in the league. It also reminds us that if the Bulls didn’t get lucky with a errant lottery ball, we would be hoping Tyrus Thomas and Kirk Hinrich would work on their jump shots over the summer.

Anyway, let’s get a slew of D-Rose Nike/Gatorade/McDonalds commercials out this summer. And make them funny. I want to see D-Rose doing bits like Lebron does.

And of course, the no-hitter. C’mon White Sox. Why is it every year, regardless of the players on the field, the White Sox bats underachieve? They hit nothing and then they get hot in July. By then, too late. This is a trend, people. Dust off the “Should Greg Walker be fired?” articles, because it’s deja vu. And I thought statistical analysis is what baseball is all about. In the article that I linked to from 2009, this stat pops out: The White Sox went 23 innings without scoring a run.

Frankly, getting no hit by Liriano and the Twins might make that Walker article front page news. Something’s gotta give on this team that continually underachieves year after year since they won the World Series.

Kicker: On Saturday, I walked over to the Haymarket Riot reenactment that was happening between Randolph and Lake on Des Plaines Avenue. It was a rally for the 125th anniversary, but the organizers upped the ante by getting local actors to play the roles of organizers, politicians, crowds and police. Look at the commitment here! Much better than just the requisite acoustic guitar union songs. It was a very cool performance, but it was mostly interesting because I usually take that stretch of Des Plaines to avoid Loop traffic. I grabbed the money shot, when the bomb goes off (in this case, a rigged up snap firework).

What I find crazy is that in 1886, mustachioed hipsters were the police: