Sun-Times Campaign ‘31 Bullets’ Seeks To End Gun Violence

Sun-Times Campaign ‘31 Bullets’ Seeks To End Gun Violence

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Another day in America, another mass shooting. The latest took place Friday at Santa Fe High School outside of Houston. Ten people are dead and more than a dozen wounded. That shooting came 48 hours after a former student of Dixon High School 100 miles west of Chicago opened fire on school grounds before being shot and injured by a school resource police officer.

Meanwhile, in Chicago, two were killed in gun violence over the weekend and dozens were wounded. Mass shootings, school shootings, street violence, all of it has been on the minds of the journalists on the Sun-Timeseditorial board, which launched ‘31 Bullets,’ a special project at the end of last month with the goal of countering the negative effects of gun violence. We take calls from listeners.


Sun-Times’ editorial page editor Tom McNamee