Super Smash: Turning down a ticket to the Super Bowl and ‘Smash’ Star Brian D’Arcy James

Super Smash: Turning down a ticket to the Super Bowl and ‘Smash’ Star Brian D’Arcy James

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New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick leaves the field after losing to the New York Giants. (AP/Mark Humphrey)

Last week, I shared my Super dilemma.

In short: Have a chance to go to the Super Bowl. Sit alone. Nosebleed seats. Dilemma: Promised son, 6, I’d watch with him. One more detail: I grew up in New England. WHAT DO I DO?

People here and elsewhere weighed in — and the most interesting part of the whole debate was how unpredictable people’s answers were. Friends I thought would say “go” said “stay,” and others I was convinced would answer “stay” said, “Are you crazy? Go!”

Crazy or not, I decided to stay home with the boy. And I think I dodged a bullet — aside from the outcome of the game, WHICH WE WILL NOT DISCUSS.

Anyhow, I promise the following is true:

My son has a friend who lives down the street from us. His dad is from New England and is also a Patriots fan. His dad got two tickets to the Super Bowl. Somehow, the son, being 7, got it in his head that he could take a friend to the game. Or maybe he was just saying it to be cool. Anyhow, the kid “offered” my son a ticket to the game.

My son told me all this two days before the game — completely unaware of my own Super Bowl dilemma.

“Wow,” I said to my son.

To which he answered, “I told him, ‘no’ — that I wanted to watch with my daddy.”

As I said, I think I dodged a bullet.

And so we “watched” together. Which meant, I watched while my son was running around every room in the house other than one with the TV.

But … the culture moves on, which, according to NBC, means we watch the show Smash. And we should, because one of the stars is one of the nicest people I’ve ever interviewed. Check out Smash star Brian D’Arcy James below, from our recent Interview Show at Union Hall, in Brooklyn.