The Daybook: Brady, tax breaks, and breathing

The Daybook: Brady, tax breaks, and breathing


Healthcare Bill Illegal?

This just in over the AP wire.  More to come.

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - A federal judge in Virginia has declared the Obama administration's health care reform law unconstitutional. U.S. District Judge Henry Hudson is the first judge to rule against the law, which has been upheld by two others in Virginia and Michigan.

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli filed the lawsuit challenging the law's requirement that citizens buy health insurance or pay a penalty starting in 2014.

He argues the federal government doesn't have the constitutional authority to impose the requirement.

Other lawsuits are pending, including one filed by 20 states in a Florida court. Virginia is not part of that lawsuit.

The U.S. Justice Department and opponents of the health care law agree that the U.S. Supreme Court will have the final word.

 More from the Senate

I love Congress. 

The Republicans say they won’t do anything at all until the top two percent of the country gets an extension of the Bush-era tax cuts. The Democrats have decided to draw a line in the sand on this issue, outraged that rich people would actually want to keep their money.  Meanwhile, a bill to help 9/11 first responders deal with health issues from inhaling ash and toxins is spiked by GOP Senators, who need their tax cuts NOW, first responders be damned.  Mark Kirk joined the Republican fillibuster, after supporting the bill as a member of the House.

Debate on the tax issue is expected in the Senate today.  C’mon guys. Get it together.

Rahm Residency

Hearings begin today in the residency challenge to Chicago mayoral candidate Rahm Emanuel. His opponents say he gave up his Chicago residency when he moved to D.C.  Sam Hudzik will have details on the case later this afternoon.

Tom Brady is a maestro.

Full disclosure: I’m not a Bears fan.

That said, I’m probably one of the few people in town who thoroughly enjoyed yesterday’s game.

Brady grew up in the suburbs of San Francisco, watching the likes of Joe Montana and Steve Young.  Yesterday, the California kid looked like a bigger, stronger version of Steve Young who grew up in Alaska.

The NFL is a not only a quarterback’s league, it’s a smart quarterback’s league.  Brady’s mental command of the game is why he’s won multiple super bowl rings and MVP trophies.  Would anyone be surprised if he added more to those tallies this year? Despite the heartbreak for Bears fans, that was truly one of the most impressive performances I’ve seen by an NFL player in years.

Can you think of any better efforts?

The Weather

It looks like Tom Brady was pretty much the only one not bothered by the weather.

Flights are still cancelled at O’Hare, and there’s a massive lake-effect snow causing cloud that’s basically hanging out over Northwest Indiana.  Things are brutal there.  Multi-car pileup bad.  We’ve got two of our more unfortunate reporters keeping their eyes out on things this afternoon, and we’ll keep you posted on-air and online.

Oh, and if you haven’t seen it, this is why the NFL game in Minnesota got moved to Detroit. This video is a must watch. Hey, at least we don't live in Minnesota, eh??