The efficacy of online dating

The efficacy of online dating

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Valentines Day can be the worst day of the year for single people. For every participant in alternative celebrations like Galentine's Day, there are likely scores of others who sign up for online dating sites. Now there are countless niche dating sites, many claiming a scientific formula for matching that guarantees success.

Marking himself to be hated by hopeless romantics for years to come, Northwestern University professor Eli Finkel recently published research that suggests dating sites who promise the world are full of hot air.

Tuesday on Eight Forty-Eight we'll discuss modern dating sites with Prof. Finkel and to offer a counter-point, we've invited Sam Yagan, co-founder OkCupid and Lakshmi Rengarajan, founder of Me So Far to join the conversation.

We'd like to hear your stories about online dating. Did it help you find your soulmate or make you want to leave the state? Leave a comment here or call in Tuesday morning between 9-10 a.m. to add your two cents.

To all the ladies out there, Happy Galentine's Day: