The first annual Mission Amy KR fireworks show!

The first annual Mission Amy KR fireworks show!

(photo by Flipped Out)

Most of us will be looking up at a colorful, dazzling sky sometime this weekend…Wouldn’t it be cool if you had one of those “Weather Channel” views of the sky from outer space so you could see all the different firework shows exploding simultaneously?

So here’s the next best thing: Watching them all from cyber space!

1. Take a photo (or two) of the fireworks in your corner of the world. Email it to me with your name and city/town, and then early next week you can come back here and watch the first annual Mission Amy K.R. fireworks show.

2. email your photo to

That’s it! And while I have you, it’s not too late to bake those World Cup…cakes! I’ll keep this sweet mission open through the long holiday weekend.

Happy 4th!