The great biopic roles of Ashton Kutcher

The great biopic roles of Ashton Kutcher

“Actor Ashton Kutcher will play the role of Steve Jobs in an independently produced film based on the life of the deceased Apple co-founder and CEO.” — USA Today

This has got to be a blow for those who worship the late Steve Jobs and all things Apple.

To be fair to Kutcher, he does share some key attributes with Jobs. They both have/had brown hair, of a very similar shade. They both have/had a mischievous spark to them, which Jobs used to challenge the conservative titans of his industry and Kutcher used to pull fast ones on Justin Timberlake. They both were married to Demi Moore.*

Nonetheless, if Jobs is your hero, you can’t be happy. Think of other biopics, and the august actors who starred in them, from Ben Kingsley in Gandhi to Daniel Day-Lewis in the upcoming Lincoln.

Imagine if biopic casting of these iconic heroes had been different — and more Kutcheresque …

* Steve Jobs was not married to Demi Moore.