The Rundown: Preventing suicide among gay teens

The Rundown: Preventing suicide among gay teens

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A vigil for suicide victims at DePaul University in 2010. (Flickr/Steven Vance)

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Gay Youth and Suicide: A new report from Northwestern University looks at factors that contribute to suicide among LGBT youth and measures to prevent it. Brian Mustanski, a co-author of the study, shares the findings, and a couple of LGBT youth reflect on their personal experiences. To join the conversation, call 312.923.9239.

The Paper Machete: The internet is an anything goes kind of place…except when it isn’t. To avoid offense, four-letter words often get censored, while the substance—whether it’s racist, homophobic, sexist or all three—remains. Christopher Piatt, host of The Paper Machete podcast, and Philip Dawkins, the acclaimed playwright behind The Homosexuals, ruminate on the evolving language of the internet and why they can’t f*in stand it.

John Schmidt: WBEZ blogger John Schmidt is at it again with more history about Chicago streets and street signs. This time, he explains why the Dan Ryan has exits for roads that don’t exist.