The very best of WBEZ pledge drive videos

The very best of WBEZ pledge drive videos

As our colleagues took to the airwaves to ask for money yesterday, we sat around the ole’ City Room table brainstorming ideas for new pledge drive videos. After arguing about Dan Sinker and the future of journalism, we decided that the best approach wasn’t creating new videos- it was regurgitating old videos and ranking them! So, without further ado we present our the top five pledge drive videos…

5) Art Shay. The legendary photographer was in for an interview, so we did what any Shay admirer would do - we did bits about the pledge drive. He played along and helped us raise money for cameras:

4) If you ever wanted to know who was answering your phones when you call up to pledge, you’ll love this one (featuring a young Miles):

3) Steve Edwards and I get fancy with music and graphics and focus on the ‘bad pledge drive’:

2) One of my all-time favorites from several years back - Torey Malatia doing his best Glengarry Glen Ross:

1) Carl Kasell got in the action when we were doing our on line only pledge campaign. This one stars the up and coming actress Madeline. Yep, she is so huge she only goes by her first name: