The Weather Outside Is Frightful… And Probably Ruining Your Commute

The Weather Outside Is Frightful… And Probably Ruining Your Commute

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It’s a #SnowDay in Chicago!

Chicago is expecting up to 14 inches of snow this weekend, according to reports. It’s not quite “Snowmageddon” 3.0 but it has been enough to make a spin-out a common sight. At least the weather has been kind enough to get us in the mood for opening weekend of the 2018 Winter Olympics.

A statement from Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s office encouraged the city’s residents to stay inside if possible and to check on friends and family. It also says that the Department of Streets and Sanitation has deployed more than 280 salt spreaders across the city. Yay, city.


While some have been relishing in a snow day, many others braved the roads this morning.

 'Fun work commute today,' wrote reporter Chicago John Greenfield on Twitter.  (via  Twitter)

Now, it’s time to get ready for the reverse commute. Risk Pulse’s chief meteorologist Jon Davis offered tips on what to look out for and Morning Shift listeners shared their plans for the weekend.

On what to expect for your commute

Jon Davis: In comparison to ‘Snowmageddon’ of 2011 and 2013 to 2014 we have way less snow this time. The thing about ‘13-‘14 is that we already had snow on the ground for about three months — and persistent cold. This time is a lot different from our last really bad winter.

Tip: The city tows more on the weekends than on weekdays.

On which industries get hit the hardest by wintry weather

Listener Karen, a health worker in Wheaton called in while navigating I-355. Her company reminded their teams today that they don’t get a day off.

Davis: At Risk Pulse, we think that today will see some of the highest numbers of workers who are working from home. Technology has improved, this storm has been forecast for quite some time, and it’s Friday.

But with Chicago being the central hub of transportation across the Central and Eastern U.S., that begins to cause major logistical problems to the supply chain. As anyone who flies knows, when you tend to have big problems at the airports in Chicago, you have big problems in different areas because of the disruption to the supply chain. Since it’s going to be a three-day event, that compounds some of the problems.

Tip: At least there’s extra time to snuggle. Map the best route to your boo.

On the state of the salad aisle: about last night

So, this photo says it all, right?

A listener from Rogers Park named Sherri called in to tell Morning Shift she had stocked up on groceries to be ready to celebrate her powder white birthday. She plans to spend time with the bouncy kids in the apartment upstairs.

The FOMO is real. We heard from more listeners about how they are spending their snowy weekends.

Listeners on staying home with the kids

Alice from Garfield Park was hanging out with her twin tots. They were waiting to star in a mini Opening Ceremony atop the sled hills her husband made for them. But she’s a little bummed for her other little ones — she’s a drama teacher at Chicago Public Schools.

This next caller made host Jenn White laugh out loud. If you’re a parent — or a sibling sandwiched between your nephews and the basement apartment — you probably will, too.

TIP: Some museums will be open.


Jon Davis, chief meteorologist with Risk Pulse

This interview has been edited for brevity and clarity by Gabrielle Wright. Click the “play” button to hear an audio version.