Theo Epstein to the Cubs! Hope he doesn’t stay in a hotel or park downtown or need a police/fire station (budget jokes)

Theo Epstein to the Cubs! Hope he doesn’t stay in a hotel or park downtown or need a police/fire station (budget jokes)

Caption? Who needs a caption (AP)

Details of the city budget have been leaked into the lake to the press today. The highlights include hotel taxes, parking fees and police station closings. Mayor Rahm Emanuel also wants to move to a grid system for garbage collection and recommends that libraries close earlier to save money on those overpaid librarians (so smug). I’m not sure how this all adds up to $636 million, but I’m sure it does. This morning, Eight Forty-Eight explores big ideas for Chicago - including the budget - and asks you for your suggestions. I hope someone takes up my bike plan. It’s been killing online, and even was dissected by Whet Moser at Chicago Magazine. Now if I were a true Chicago insider, I would throw in $20 million to wine and dine aldermen and bike manufacturers. And I’d also invest in a UPC company that will ultimately get the bid to make the UPC codes used on all the bikes. But I’m not. I’m just a lowly public radio blogger. I can’t even negotiate to get into the nice kitchen here, the one with the ice.

B story: WBEZ’s trauma series is fascinating. Yeah, why aren’t there any trauma centers on the South Side?

C story: Did you know that Marshall Field’s, er I mean Macy’s, used to be on Lake Street? And was a whole different building called the “Marble Palace” before the Great Chicago Fire? John Schmidt fills us in.

D story: Did the Big Star food truck get impounded last night? The food truck owned and operated by Chef Paul Kahan Tweeted out that they were going to Ideas Week to give away free tacos last night. But the big story was they were going to cook on the truck, health inspectors be damned. Right now, it’s against the law to do that. It’s an antiquated law, but still a law. So did Kahan get arrested and thrown in County? Give me the scoop, food bloggers.

Weather: Nice. Starting to cool off though.

Sports: Theo Epstein is coming to Chicago. This is worth watching sports fans. And non-sports fans mark my words: the drought is almost over. Theo Epstein will turn this ball club around and defeat the curse. The Cubs will win the World Series in three years. Or at least look like they are going to win and then blow it in spectacular fashion.

Kicker: I am way out of it: There’s a conspiracy theory that Beyonce is faking her pregnancy and the movement has some proof? Weird and gross, all the way around. I’m going back into my hole. Wake me when the baby is born or the budget is balanced.