This week’s mission: Our first ever Blog-a-thon!

This week’s mission: Our first ever Blog-a-thon!

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Can you believe what we’ve been doing here together? In just 17 short weeks, we have (to name a few) Loose Changed The World, set up a Make-a-Wish Line, Gone Nowhere Fast Together, Cartwheeled, got thousands of folks Texting I Love You at the same exact minute…and of course started our own, ongoing ATM movement.

I love doing these missions with you and I love the community we’re cultivating.

For those of you who feel the same way, I’d like to ask you to be part of something important and different here this week:

Our first ever Blog-a-thon.

It’s not about raising even a penny. It’s simply about‚ raising awareness of Mission Amy K.R. and what we’re doing here together. That’s it. Because the more people who come our way, the better; better in terms carrying out our missions (and I’ve got some big ones planned), and better in terms of behind the scenes stuff at Vocalo.

And instead of opening up the phone lines, we can do this all from our sidelines…i.e the comment section over there on the left.

Specifically, in the comment boxes I invite you to:

1. share ideas about how to spread the word.

2. bring new readers here and introduce them to us…(and then I’ll try to personally welcome them.)

3. think outside the “comment box.” ‚ If you think it’s a good idea, it probably is! ‚ Go for it. This first ever Blog-a-thon ends Friday. And begins…now.

Mission Amy K.R. thanks you…

Sort of like a public radio pledge drive, but we’re not asking for even a penny…