Thursday Podcast: The Modern Mixologist

Thursday Podcast: The Modern Mixologist

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I’ve been a recreational cocktail enthusiast for the past year or so, and I continue to be drawn to these new compendiums about our cocktail culture. Whereas Dale DeGroff is considered one of the Masters, Tony Abou-Ganim is certainly on par with the best of the best in the U.S. these days. He’s worked at the Bellagio in Vegas and does a ton of consulting around the country. His new book is both fascinating - from a historical perspective - as well as informational, with all sorts of helpful photos on techniques, tools and other miscellaneous requirements to becoming a better bar chef. I spoke with Tony at Drinks Over Dearborn last week, as he stopped in town on his book tour.

Tony Abou-Ganim doing what he does
best (photo by Steve Dolinsky)

A Boston Shaker is key to any mixology (photo by Steve Dolinsky)

A Modern Mixologist’s tool belt (photo by Steve Dolinsky)