Thursday Thingy: A couple of wonderful somethings

Thursday Thingy: A couple of wonderful somethings

Wonderful something number one:

My dear pal Brooke (and photographer extraordinaire) just reminded me about the filmmaking collective Everyone. We featured their video Words here a few months back.

Today we share with you their short video series General Observations of People. I found them to be incredibly interesting and charming and Lays Potato Chip-ish…you can’t eat/watch just one. Here they are.

Wonderful something number two:

This is what you get when you combine a smart man with the TED conference with gratitude with flowers.

(Thank you to Marc Becker for passing this video along.)

See you all back here Tuesday, after the long holiday weekend.

And don’t know if you can see from there, but I’ve got a bunch of big shiny missions up my sleeve for the coming weeks…