Thursday Thingy: Our most popular recent missions (with fun updates!)

Thursday Thingy: Our most popular recent missions (with fun updates!)

For this week’s Thursday Thingy, I wanted to share some fun updates regarding a few of our biggest missions so far this season. Here goes:

1. Cherry Tee

Remember when we asked you to send in drawings of cherries to be placed on a special, limited-edition line of “Cherry Tee” t-shirts? With 100% of the proceeds going to charity? Well, not only are the t-shirts super cute (have you seen them? if not, here you go), but we actually made a few dollars… so I wanted to let you know that we’ll be sending a nice check (again, 100% of the proceeds; we’re keeping nothin’) to The Make-A-Wish Foundation the end of this month. Yay!

2. License Plate Positive Pranking

This really struck a chord with you all. Those of you new to this blog, click here for the original post. Thought you’d all love to see this response from a reader:

I was just introduced to your blog in my Communications class and I have never had more fun. I laughed so hard at this license plate idea because it was so simple but so fun. I called my license plate partner and we talked for a couple minutes. She laughed so hard at what I was doing and said she would call her license plate partner too! —Kristin

(Thanks again to NYC-based writer Mark Shulman for the epiphany and original idea!)

3. The Mission Amy KR (Truth and) Beauty Contest

A few dozen of you entered and have, as we promised all contestants, already received your fancy crowns. Hope you are out there flaunting your beauty. :) In the meantime, we’re tabulating results and will announce the winner and the runner-up shortly. I welcome everyone’s input/votes — take a look at these wonderful entries.

4. The Flashdance Flash Mob

And finally, for those of you who missed this, we’ll close with another popular post, our debut of the video Flash(dance) Mob:

oh what a feeling,