Thursday Thingy: The 2011 Overture (cont'd) plus new video

Thursday Thingy: The 2011 Overture (cont'd) plus new video

As I sat down to edit the video that would become our collaborative "2011 Overture," I became overwhelmed by the number of "movements" (piece of advice) that were sent in. So many great ones, and such a wide range.  But just too many to include in a short video (if I wanted you all-- or anyone-- to actually watch it).  

So here's the next step.   We've set up this fun and easy form for you to choose your favorites; you can check as many (or as few) as you'd like.  And then in no time, thanks to Google Docs, I'll have a tally sheet...and this will really help me bring the video to life.   Cool?

Here it is:

The 2011 Overture:  selection of "movements"

And now just for fun, here's a new 1-minute video inspired by the eloquent and oh-so-convincing language of Spam.

I call this piece:

(SP)Amy krouse rosenthal.   :)

See you Monday (btw, any other Reality Check anecdotes? and Kate-- I loved your response/comment!)