Thursday’s game plan for ‘Afternoon Shift’: Downward spirals

Thursday’s game plan for ‘Afternoon Shift’: Downward spirals


Today’s show seems to have a theme of downward spirals- Sarah Colonna claims she’s blowing her life, Northwestern University considers the value of college athletics when teams underperform and Baby Teeth perform songs from their new album about “aging ungracefully.” Plus Lieutenant Governor Sheila Simon talks about trying to turn around a state with massive debt problems. Maybe we should play Nine Inch Nails between segments?

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Sarah Colonna: Comedian/Author/Actress Sarah Colonna joins us. She’ll talk about her new book Life As I Blow It, and her work as writer and roundtable guest on the late-nite E! show Chelsea Lately.

College Sports: Lester Munson of and Mort Schapiro president of Northwestern University talk about the money and the power structure of college athletics.

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ICE: Chip Mitchell brings us the latest on the battle between the County and the Feds over detaining prisoners in the county jail based on their immigration status

Baby Teeth: Music from local glam-pop band Baby Teeth. They just released their fourth album White Tonight.

Sheila Simon: A conversation with the current Lieutenant Governor of Illinois, daughter of legendary Illinois senator Paul Simon. We’re hoping she brings her banjo along.