Thursday’s gameplan for ‘Afternoon Shift’: Powerful Chicagoans

Thursday’s gameplan for ‘Afternoon Shift’: Powerful Chicagoans

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Today on the show we examine Chicago power and go in-depth on “the most powerful Chicagoan,” Rahm Emanuel. Here’s the gameplan, straight from director Jason Marck’s email to your eyes.

Top 100 Chicago Power Players: Who are the folks that make the city run-from politics to the arts to sports and beyond? Chicago Mag found out, and two of their editors tell us who’s got clout in the post-Daley era.

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Emanuel Power: The mayor is, of course, the most powerful guy in the city. But how does he wield that power? The Reader’s Mick Dumke tells us if it’s about the iron fist, the velvet glove, or something in between.

Grocery Store Comments: WBEZ Blogger and host of The Interview Show Mark Bazer has a few choice comments for people who use the comment board at Whole Foods.

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Sports: The Blackhawks are on a massive losing streak. Derrick Rose’s back hurts worse than Jason Marck’s. And Chicago Mag rated Jerry Reinsdorf as the 14th most powerful person in Chicago sports? Cheryl Raye Stout will make sense of it all.

Fort Knox Five: Noticed the groovy new theme music for the Afternoon Shift? It’s from the turntables of Washington DC DJ/remix outfit Fort Knox Five. They’ll be in the studio talking about their in-demand sound, and spinning some tracks

Garry McCarthy: Chicago’s Top Cop talks beat deployment with Steve. Steve will ask McCarthy why he’s constantly getting pulled over. McCarthy says it’s all those hard questions we let Wildeboer ask him.

3 on 3: Katie O’Brien tries to get people to stop crowding her gym.