Thursday’s gameplan for ‘Afternoon Shift’: Second acts

Thursday’s gameplan for ‘Afternoon Shift’: Second acts

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Tom Green in 1999. (AP/File)
In the course of a career there are always ups and downs. On Thursday’s Afternoon Shift we talk about second acts from the world of comedy, politics and corner stores. Here’s today’s gameplan straight from director Jason Marck. Good huddle.

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Tom Green: Comedian, talk show host, actor, writer, rapper and Canadian Tom Green talks about his long journey from Toronto cable access to MTV to films and beyond.

Dynamic Pricing:’s Lester Munson on dynamic pricing for tickets to sporting events-what it is, what it means for franchises, and what it means for fans. Sports numbers cruncher Tim Mahon joins the conversation as well.

Katie Hall: WBEZ NW Indiana reporter Mike Puente talks about former congresswoman Katie Hall, remembered for being both a revered trailblazer and convicted felon.

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LATE ADDITION- Beavers: WBEZ’s Rob Wildeboer, Tony Arnold and Sam Hudzik discuss the indictment of Cook County Commissioner Bill Beavers.

Corner Store: WBEZ South Side reporter Natalie Moore on transforming the corner store from a hole-in-the-wall selling Cheetoes and Mountain Dew…to cleaner, brighter spaces that feature fresh fruits, vegetables, and other products otherwise unavailable in the neighborhood because of a lack of grocery stores.

Robot Dan: Can’t get any work done because you’re stuck in meetings all day? (I know that feeling is not familiar to anyone in this workplace) Dan Weissman is inventing a robot that can sit in on those meetings for you.

Supreme Court: Pundits and SCOTUS-watchers are guessing that the Supreme Court will rule in Fisher v. Texas that affirmative action is unconstitutional. What will it mean for our country, particularly in an election year?