Top 3 at 3: Interesting local laws

Top 3 at 3: Interesting local laws

(Flickr/Dean Thorpe)
1) In Indiana, it’s illegal to buy or sell motorcycles on Sundays. If you decide to celebrate the warm weather by purchasing a motorcycle, make sure you don’t do it on a Sunday if you’re in Indiana. Otherwise, you could face a class B misdemeanor under current state law.

Indiana’s Sunday ban on motorcycle sales is what’s known as a blue law. Blue laws restrict the what citizens are allowed to purchase on Sundays. In Indiana, carryout liquor is also illegal to buy or sell on Sundays.

Indiana could soon lift its ban on Sunday motorcycle sales; proposed legislation legalizing Sunday sales has passed the Indiana Senate and recently cleared the House Commerce Committee.

2) Normal, Illinois has an interesting law on its books, but maybe not the one you’ve heard of…
Call me crazy, but when I stumbled accross some questionable sources claiming that Normal, Illinois has a law against making faces at a dog, I thought it could be true. Town of Normal attorney Wayne Karplus set me straight, though. He says Normal has never had any kind of law prohibiting the faces one makes at a dog, although he does get a fair number of inquiries about it. In fact, Karplus says he gets so many inquiries that he created a list of the other unique laws Normal does have so that he doesn’t send people like me away empty-handed.

Karplus was running off to court when we talked. He couldn’t find his list of laws, but luckily, he knew one by heart. He calls it the “Noah’s Ark Rule.” Karplus says that in Normal, residents are allowed to have two cats, two dogs, two guinea pigs, but NOT three of any animal of the same kind.

3) Joliet, Illinois’ municipal code includes instructions on how “Joliet” should be pronounced.
But don’t worry too much if you get it wrong—Joliet City Clerk Janet Traven says there’s no punishment or fine you could face.