Top 5 breakfasts in Chicago

Top 5 breakfasts in Chicago

Trio of crepes from Meli Cafe (photo by Joseph Storch)

1. Meli Cafe - Because they turn the Greek diner on its head with organic produce, eggs, fresh-squeezed juices and homemade jams.

2. Jam - Speaking of homemade jams… a 3-star chef’s approach to the morning meal, where creativity enhances quality.

3. Ina’s - The self-described “Breakfast Queen,”‚ she’s committed to her ingredients as much as she is to her employees and customers; savory scrapple and assortment of breakfast‚ sweets‚ isn’t bad either.

4. Nana - A gem in restaurant-starved‚ Bridgeport, where organic mentality meshes well with Central American Nana’s recipes.

5. M. Henry - Fantastic combos of beans, cakes, even fruity bread puddings that are creative and yet filling Honorable Mentions: The Bongo Room, Juicy-O (Downers Grove), White Palace Grill, The Breakfast Club, Toast

French toast with wheat grass shot at Meli (photo: Joseph Storch)