Top 5 places to break-up in Chicago

Top 5 places to break-up in Chicago

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Take the sting out of “I don’t love you anymore”
with Edzo’s cheddar fries. (photo: Steve Dolinsky)

Last week, it was all about new beginnings (and first-date jitters). ‚ This week, we’re doing a 180, as we suggest five places to drop the bomb - that is, break-up without making a scene and dropping a fortune in the process. ‚ If you absolutely have to go through with an uncomfortable evening, why not at least leave a good taste in your mouth?

1. Pupuseria Las Delicias

The pupusas - tasty little pockets of corn cakes stuffed with beef or cheese - will only set you back a few bucks, and chances are good you won’t see anyone you know. ‚ Let the tears flow.

2. Lindy’s Gertie’s

The pride of the South and Southwest Sides, this mini-chain has several locations, and promises the best of chili (Lindy’s) and ice cream (Gertie’s). It’s an inexpensive, family-casual forum for a difficult conversation, so audible cursing will be minimal.

3. Honey 1

Not my favorite ribs in Chicago anymore, but still a casual place to grab a decent slab. ‚ The harsh florescent (unflattering) light will prevent any second thoughts, just in case you get cold feet.

4. Edzo’s Burger Shop

Mostly Northwestern students here, and local families from Evanston; it isn’t open for dinner, so you can take care of business over a messy lunch of ground-on-the-premises burgers and fresh-cut fries, and get on with your life that night.

5. Frances’ Deli

Lincoln Park’s oldest deli, this Clark Street haven for families and 20-somethings is usually busy at lunch and dinner, so you don’t have to worry about someone at the next table overhearing all of your reasons for bringing things to an end. ‚ Hey, have a milkshake while you’re at it, it’ll cheer you up.