Try to remember two days in September

Try to remember two days in September

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News Headline: “Remembering 9/11—Let us never forget.”
And here is something we should do after we remember 9/11:
We should remember 9/25.
It was on that day, in Los Angeles, two weeks after the attack, that a German surgeon in a Jewish hospital performed a kidney transplant from a white Muslim woman to a black Christian man.
It was routine surgery.
Remember 9/25, too.

News Headline: “Martin Scorsese to produce documentary from Roger Ebert’s memoir.”
And will be missing a bet if he doesn’t call it “Scoop Dreams.”

News Headline: “Lindsay Lohan asks tax cut for millionaires.”
What do you expect?
That’s Lindsay for you.
It’s not as if she’s some sort of presidential candidate or something.

News Headline: “Vladimir Putin’s flight with migratory birds: Has he become a laughingstock?”
Let’s try not to call anyone who controls more than 5,000 nuclear weapons a laughingstock, shall we?

News Headline: “Video surveillance cameras everywhere in our lives.”
News Headline: “Congress OKs drones over U.S. cities.”
News Headline: “FBI begins installation of $1 billion face recognition system across America.”
Don’t worry, Big Brother.
When you finally decide to make your move, we’ll be fully equipped and ready to go.

W.S., a Chicago reader, regarding a court fight by an Albany, N.Y., strip club to gain tax-exempt status for lap-dancing as an art form, says he hopes the judges won’t take this sitting down.

News Item: “Bowing to pressure from a federal judge, Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted today rescinded his order prohibiting the setting of voting hours in the last three days before the election… ."
A complete surrender from the man, just as his attempt to rig Ohio’s voting was succeeding.
Shouldn’t we at least expect our policians to have the courage of their lack of convictions?

News Headline: British researchers start drilling through two miles of Antarctic ice to search for unknown forms of life in an area that’s been isolated for hundreds of thousands of years.
So what’s the latest from the Brit outpost?
What? Nothing?
You say all communications are cut off?
Wait. Call the—

News Item: ”… it does put a human face on Obama… ."
News Item: ”… trying put a human face on Romney… ."
So is it possible our politicians are from a different species?
It might explain a great deal.

North Korean News Headline: “U.S. forces’ presence in S. Korea is vivid expression of hostile policy.”
The North Koreans will need a little more time to get the hang of sensationalism.

News Headline: “Lake in France turns blood red.”
News Headline: “River turns red in China.”
In other developments:
+ The Rapture Index at, which measures the progression of end-time prophecy according to world events, remains at its record high of 184.
+ The number of Google hits for “tap-dancing militant Islamic fundamentalists” has risen nearly 20 percent to 1,410.
Further reports, as developments warrant.

Sarah Palin regarding John Kerry’s joking about her during his Democratic Convention speech:
“I think he diminished himself by even mentioning my name.”
Just as we diminish ourselves by even reading it.
But we have to make do.

News Headline: “Ryan pick puts Medicare on front burner.”
News Headline: “Syria no-fly zone not on front burner.”
News Headline: “Declining enrollment back on front burner.”
News Headline: “Gay marriage on the front burner.”
No wonder we have global warming.

From the QT Archive of Knowledge:
+ Abraham Lincoln’s 1860 Republican platform did not mention God once.
+ Neither did his 1864 platform.

Today’s Birthdays: Overture to “Benvenuto Cellini,” 176; “Ta-Ra-Ra Boom-De-Ay,” 121.

QT Grammar R Us Seminar on the English Language:
Mary Lu Larsen, an East Hazel Crest reader, writes:
“In a recent Quote-Acrostic puzzle, a clue was ‘observable event.’ The answer turned out to be ‘phenomena.’ This, as QT no doubt knows, is a plural.”
Yes. The plural of “phenomenon.”
QT agrees that we should pay attention to these rules.
Or as President Obama once said: “That’s my criteria.”
The plural of “alma mater is “almae matres,” by the way.

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