Tyler Hansbrough is not a good looking dude (and other random observations from Bulls/Pacers)

Tyler Hansbrough is not a good looking dude (and other random observations from Bulls/Pacers)
Tyler Hansbrough is not a good looking dude (and other random observations from Bulls/Pacers)

Tyler Hansbrough is not a good looking dude (and other random observations from Bulls/Pacers)

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The Chicago Bulls held court with a big win yesterday at the United Center to send the playoff series back to Indiana with a 2-0 lead. You can go to espnchicago.com for comprehensive coverage. You can stay here for my quick, random observations:

  • The players seemed cold. Not in their play, but in their temperature. There was a bit of the blowing into the hand/fist and full warm-up gear when players hit the bench. Does it hurt the Bulls that the Hawks are playing at the same time (they played night before)?
  • Going to a break, TNT showed a shot of Navy Pier and the Ferris wheel. I think the mics were supposed to go off, but you heard Dick Stockton (play by play) say “So that is the Navy Pier, I’m gonna guess…” Yeah Dick, that’s the Navy Pier.
  • Tyler Hansbrough (Pacers) is a really awkward looking, ugly fellow, eh? I’m sorry, but that haircut does not suit him. And then you also throw in the demeanor of a thug looking for a fight in the K-Mart parking lot? Wow. Congrats Indy. Do women like this dude?
  • During the TNT halftime show, they cut back to the halftime performance at the UC and it was the Cirque Du Soleil bit where two bare-chested dudes lift each other in sensual, erotic, aerobic dance. Weird call, Bulls.
  • I switched to Comcast for the second half to get a local perspective. First thing I saw? The sideline reporter caught Bulls Assistant Coach Adrian Griffin for an interview. Now that’s hyper-local.

Okay, I’m done. Wait, here’s a picture of Hansbrough:

What's up ladies. I'm Tyler. You come to the KMart parking lot a lot? You want to see my car?

B story: The Chicago News Cooperative launched their website today. I can’t wait to read their stuff in the New York Times. When does this new news organization start? What? It’s been out for almost two years??? This is what we call a soft, slow, meandering launch. But it’s out there now. And it does look good!

C story: Rahm is having a press conference to announce something at the Brown line stop at the Merchandise Mart. Too bad the press can’t get there because all the trains are delayed due to derailment. So if you are reading this while trapped on a platform at Fullerton, please know I have a solution. When the train comes, stay on it to Merchandise Mart and you can ask the Mayor-elect about his plans to pay you back for your misery this morning. 10:30am. Don’t say I never did anything for you, readers.

D story: I love that the prosecution in the Blagojevich trial are trying to curb the former governor’s press spree. Come on government. This is classic TV (again). It’s fun to watch him tell the same “play the tapes” speech over and over. Don’t take that away from us (and the producers of morning TV). I say the prosecution asks the judge to not curb, but to force the morning news shows to be creative in their segments. Blago in a dunk tank. Blago doing novelty boxing with Judy Baar. Things like that.

Weather: It’s cold, still. If it hits May and it’s still like this outside, I’m calling a weather doctor. Something’s definitely wrong.

Sports: The Bears 2011-12 schedule is supposed to come out tonight. And the rumors are swirling that the NFL kickoff game will be the Bears versus the Packers. That’s the game on Thursday that features a random rapper and some random country singer in the pre-game, I think. Anyway, I don’t know if I’m ready for that. The loss of the NFC Championship and Cutler’s knee antics are still hanging around like a couple late-night cocktails. To know that we might have to relive that on the first game of the NFL season? In primetime? Watching Cutler suck or get hurt or get pasted by the Packers? That’s a must-win. I’m calling it out now. Bears have to win that game. I mean, if there’s a season.

Kicker: Hey, Blogs.vocalo.org (our old blog network) was nominated for a Lisagor award yesterday. This nomination is for our work in 2010. That work includes Robert Feder and the gigantic media story about the management at the Chicago Tribune. It also includes Jim DeRogatis’ work about Lollapalooza and privatizing of the downtown music festivals. It also included Lee Bey (architecture), Steve Dolinsky (food), John Conroy (Burge), Amy Krouse Rosenthal (Mission AMY KR), Achy Obejas (CityLife), Anne Elizabeth Moore (Whittier sit-in) and online WBEZ blog posts, multimedia and video by Andrew Gill, Steve Edwards and the City Room crew.

That is a lot of talented people to be listed under “staff.” Can all of that give Roger Ebert, the defending champ, a run for his money? We’ll see…