Unicycle Loves You celebrates ‘Failure’

Unicycle Loves You celebrates ‘Failure’

Unicycle Loves You perform “Wow Wave Cinema” from Failure (Mecca Lecca)

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Unicycle Loves You has been Jim Carroll musical outlet for nearly six years. With their third album, Failure, the noise pop trio has honed in on a catchy sound steeped in 1990s acts like Guided By Voices and Sonic Youth. They’re about to head out for a month and a half tour including a week at SXSW, but first they played some songs and chatted with Steve Edwards on Afternoon Shift.

Unicycle Loves You perform “Piranha” from Failure (Mecca Lecca)

Unicycle Loves You perform “Sun Comes Out (And I Don’t Care)” from Failure (Mecca Lecca)