Video: Amy’s Train Mission (And New, Very Quotable Mission)

Video: Amy’s Train Mission (And New, Very Quotable Mission)

I’m excited about this week’s mission…

It starts with this new video that I’m about to officially unveil. Remember when I invited you all to “go nowhere fast” with me? And we met at the Belmont “L” stop and rode the train in a big circle together and sang and ate donuts and shared a proverbial moment? Well, I finally finished editing the video! And it led me to this week’s idea…

1. So first, watch the brand new video titled Amy’s Train Mission.

2. Now, remember that Gandhi quote at the end of the video? I love that quote. I love a lot of quotes. I’m guessing you do too; we’re quote-collecting kind of people. And that got me thinking… We very much need to create, all of us together right here right now, our first ever Mission Amy K.R. Quote Book. It’s going to besuper easy and awesome and freely distributed and done by the end of this week… just in time to give to all the graduates in your life!

3. Simply: share your favorite quote in the comment section a few inches over to your left. The kind of inspiring quote you want/need to share with the world/your children/grandchildren/students/fellow man. You can dedicate the quote to a grad (or to anyone) in your life if you want that attribution… or just keep it plain and simple, either way.

4. I’m going to take all the quotes and assemble them into a tidy, easily-printable booklet by Friday. Compliments of Mission Amy K.R. So if you’d like one, just send an email to missionamykr@vocalo.organd it will arrive in your inbox.

Let’s get to it!