Vulgar Behavior Gets Dances Canceled

Vulgar Behavior Gets Dances Canceled

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Love is in the air, but not for some middle schoolers in one southwestern suburb. The Frankfort Park District has canceled the remaining eight dances it had scheduled this year.

The Frankfort Park District thought the hormone-charged middle schoolers were dancing too closely. So they tried to distract them.

ZOBEL: We’ve tried alternatives, bringing trivia and game shows, doing raffles.

That’s event coordinator Megan Zobel. She says the kids still kept up what she calls vulgar behavior. And some students held a sit-in on the dance floor to protest the no-body-touching policy. Zobel says that was a deciding moment in canceling the rest of the scheduled dances.

ZOBEL: We want to move into a new direction. We want to offer programs that are positive experiences that have meaning. And we just felt that this atmosphere didn’t promote that.

Zobel says the park district has gotten nothing but positive feedback from parents.