Wash Your F-ing Hands

Wash Your F-ing Hands

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At WBEZ (and maybe at your office too?) it seems like a lot of folks get sick at almost exactly the same time.

“But why!?” we asked.

For an answer we found an influenza expert here in Chicago to walk through our open office and explain why everybody is ill — and what we can do to stop it.

Sarah Cobey is an evolutionary microbiologist and she runs the Cobey Lab at the University of Chicago. Cobey talked with Nerdette host Greta Johnsen about sneezes, influenza, vaccines and all the real heroes out there: people with good hygiene.

And what’s her number one piece of advice for not spreading illness? Stay home if you’re sick.

“I think that is probably the single biggest thing that we could do to reduce the incidence of a lot of diseases,” she said. “Just self-quarantine.”

And wash your hands, people! Sheesh!