WBEZ today: Live radio, live chat, live forever!

WBEZ today: Live radio, live chat, live forever!
WBEZ today: Live radio, live chat, live forever!

WBEZ today: Live radio, live chat, live forever!

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This is our new mayor (AP)

It’s 9 a.m., which gives Mayor Daley about two hours until his term as mayor is complete. His last day in the office at City Hall was Friday, but technically his term doesn’t run out until the next mayor is sworn in.

I believe there a few more decisions that could be made to better the city before his time comes to a close. For instance, go dig that hole in Grant Park for the Childrens Museum. That way, Rahm will be forced to continue building.

Randomly pick one ward and redistrict it. Make sure to redraw the map to not include the sitting alderman’s house.

Can you please pass an ordinance (mayoral executive order) that all McDonalds and Starbucks need to be “participating” stores.

So today is a big day for Chicago and Chicago Public Media. We are starting our coverage at 9 a.m. today, with a special Eight Forty-Eight. Then at 10:30, we’ll be going live to the Pritzker Pavilion for analysis and the inauguration speech of Mayor Rahm Emanuel. You can tune into a special edition of Worldview following the inauguration, where we’ll examine what it means for Chicago to be a global city.

You can also find special coverage online, right here. Not only will we have Andrew Gill and Robin Amer down at the park collecting photos, videos and audio to put on the site, but we will be bringing back the Lunchbox, our live chat/live blog series featuring Chicago’s best and brightest online journalists and commentators. It’s a live chat, so anything goes. And you can join in. It will be here - at 11am. It will feature Scott Smith (Chicago Magazine), Marcus Gilmer (AV Club), Eric Zorn (Chicago Tribune), Jen Sabella (Huffington Post), Michael Nagrant (NewCity), Frank Sennet (Time Out Chicago) and many more.

All that plus I’m going to set up the web stream to just have the inauguration, which will be performances and choirs that you probably won’t see or hear in the broadcasts.

So that’s all today. And I might even go down to the park myself this morning to see if Alderman Ed Bus shows up to be inaugurated (he won his re-election too, you know).