Weekender with Alison Cuddy

Weekender with Alison Cuddy
Weekender with Alison Cuddy

Weekender with Alison Cuddy

The recent news of Charlie Trotter’s mid-life career change confirms once again (if such verification is needed) how wild Chicago is about its top chefs. Many local cooks besides Trotter have been bonafide celebrities for some time – and a few are even considered to have wandered into full-on diva-tude! Mixologists too – if you craft cocktails in this town you get all kinds of respect, not to mention help honing your mad skills. But where’s the love for those who toil beyond the grill and the bar - for the legion of waiters and waitresses whose labor underpins our area’s restaurant economy? I’ve been there – I faced my share of singed fingertips, tired dogs and feisty customers while serving my way through college. Local food and drink slingers may not be as high profile - though some have made a bit of a splash. But waitressing has won its share of cultural tributes, from songs to movies, including the cool local film above about a waitress at the former Marina City Towers restaurant. To tip your own hat – or wallet – at these folks, head out to Kendall College to hear about an early 20th century debate over the practice of tipping. That’s just one of my weekend recommendations – the rest of the list is below.

1. Curling

Friday to Sunday

Chicago Curling Club

555 Dundee Rd Northbrook, IL

2. Daniel Beaty’s Emergency

Friday 7:30pm

The DuSable Museum of African American History

740 East 56th Place

3. Burning Bowl 2012

Saturday 1pm

Hyde Park Union Church 5600 South Woodlawn Ave

Hear audio from Burning Bowl 2011 here

4. Paul Goodman Changed My Life

Saturday 3pm

Gene Siskel Film Center

164 North State Street

5. Secret Colours

Saturday 10pm

Empty Bottle

1035 N Western Ave

6. Wu-Tang Clan

Sunday 6:30pm

Congress Theater

2135 N Milwaukee Ave

7. Paul Giallorenzo’s Get In To Go Out

Sunday 10pm

Hungry Brain

2319 W Belmont Ave

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