Weekender with Alison Cuddy

Weekender with Alison Cuddy
Weekender with Alison Cuddy

Weekender with Alison Cuddy

Halloween has become a major event for both children and adults. Is there anyone who doesn’t like eating candy, dressing up and playing tricks?! But beneath the costumes some scary stuff lurks - like monsters. Real or fictional, we’re drawn to the monstrous side of life. I got to thinking about our beastly attractions thanks to Stephen Asma, who has a great book on the ‘unnatural’ history of monsters. You can settle in for a scary read, or you can head out - I’ve found plenty of monster-friendly events happening around Chicago this weekend.

Here are the top 6 picks for the weekend:

1. Halloween Havoc 4

House of Frankenstein, The Monster Squad, The Haunting, The House of 1000 Corpses

Friday 4:30 - witching hour

Portage Theatre 4050 N. Milwaukee Avenue

2. Red

Friday October 28th - Sunday, October 30th

Goodman Theatre 170 N. Dearborn Street

Hear more from playwright John Logan here.

Friday w/ White Mystery
1572 N. Milwaukee Ave
Hear their interview and performance with Eight Forty-Eight here.
4. Gainsbourg: A Heroic Life
Music Box 3733 North Southport Avenue, Chicago
Hear Christy LeMaster’s review here.
1342 E 55th Street Hyde Park
Saturday 1-4pm
Saturday 6-11pm
Sunday 10am and 3pm
909 West Armitage Ave

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