What can you get for $1? How about a historic Glenview home? (but there’s a catch)

What can you get for $1? How about a historic Glenview home? (but there’s a catch)

In a bid to save it from demolition, a four-bedroom Glenview home built by a nephew of Chicago planner/visionary Daniel H. Burnham is on the market for $1.

Yes, there is a bit of a catch. More on that in a bit.

The 1890′s Queen Anne home at 8 Park Drive was built by Hugh Burnham, an attorney who was Glenview’s first village president (He also named the town). The home sits in the suburb’s “The Park” area–acreage bought by Burnham as a planned community for fellow members of the Swedenborgian Church of New Jerusalem (the Glenview New Church), according to a current real estate listing on the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s website. Daniel Burnham was raised in the same faith.

The house is today owned by the Glenview New Church. It has woodwork, stained glass windows, turrets and more than one fireplace, according to the listing. The home’s exterior has been altered since its construction; it lost a wrap-around front porch years ago. The 3,800sq ft home is listed with the Cook County Assessor’s Office as a four-unit building with a partial attic and a full and unfinished basement.

Cook County Assessor’s Office

So what’s the catch? Whomever coughs up a buck to buy the house must first purchase a lot in The Park area of Glenview, and agree to move the house to the new site and renovate it. Lots currently for sale in the area are between $400,000 and $600,000. “If not sold and moved,” the listing says, “the building will be demolished.”

I made some inquiries late yesterday in hopes of bringing more details today. Stay tuned.