What happened? Quinn & Brady 2010 is over? No recount? I want a rematch!

What happened? Quinn & Brady 2010 is over? No recount? I want a rematch!
What happened? Quinn & Brady 2010 is over? No recount? I want a rematch!

What happened? Quinn & Brady 2010 is over? No recount? I want a rematch!

Quinn/Brady 2010 was growing on me. This could have been the best recount in recount history. Bummer we won’t be able to experience it. It would have been like watching the Bills/Bears go into overtime. Nail-biter.

Oh man, I had a whole blog post today about who should govern the state while we wait for a recount. But of course, Brady and Quinn had to mess that up for me. Would you like to read my joke anyway? Since we couldn’t come to a consensus on a gubernatorial candidate, why not just compromise? If we can’t have Brady or Quinn, how about the back-up QB for the Denver Broncos, Brady Quinn? Just until we figure out the votes.

I was going to make a joke that neither of these men should be starting. On any squad. Anywhere. They are back-up politicans who should avoid turning the ball over. Play it safe. So yeah, a back-up QB might be a good governor? That’s essentially what we’ve had for the past 2 years anyway.

Okay, well, that was tepid.

Other fun that I missed last week:

Gerry Chico had a campaign event at the Hollywood Grill. Yeah, that skanky diner on North and Ashland Ave. I guess he was making some sort of pun since Rahm Emanuel is all Hollywood. Well, he’s more D.C. (his brother is Hollywood) and by making that pun/point, you have to spend more than an hour in the Hollywood Grill. At first I thought it was a nod to Hollywood Hendon, but the next day…

Hollywood Rickey Hendon is out! He withdrew from the race because, well, he didn’t have a shot. What was once a fun, exciting, colorful group of mayoral candidates has turned into a snooze fest. Rahm, Miguel De Valle and Rev. James Meeks. Maybe Meeks can say something offensive to gays, just so we can get some fireworks for this upcoming municipal election.

Rhymefest is already finding out why rappers with records are not a perfect fit for public office. It has been revealed that the Grammy-award winning artist has a few skeletons, including domestic disputes and a gun charge. He explains the gun charge as a situation where he fired “warning shots” over a bad business deal. Seriously, who hasn’t been in a dispute where you’ve had to fire warning shots?

Last week there was much ado about Bulls’ superstar Derrick Rose blowing off a cameo appearance on the television drama, The Good Wife. He was supposed to fly to New York City to tape a cameo on the show, but overslept and didn’t answer his door when the car service showed up. This was the morning after a win against the Blazers. My guess is that the big Hollywood agents are probably getting him these gigs to expand his massive brand, but I’m with you Derrick: You blew it off because you don’t care about doing a cameo on The Good Wife. I can live with that. Now if it were a cameo on Louie or Mad Men, I’d be angry.

So what did you do with your extra hour this weekend? I surveyed the morning team: Tony Arnold stayed out. Al Keefe slept. Sarah Smith worked. Scarlett Robertson worked. Me? I watched one hour of a Civil War documentary on channel 11.6 (because all the other channel 11s were showing Rick Steves in Spanish). Who knew General McClellan was such a huge douche?

Lastly, I feel bad for ripping on Alexi Giannoulias in my last post. My wife thought I was pretty harsh. I made fun of him and wrote up what I thought they may have been talking about at the beer summit at Billy Goat. That’s not fair. He didn’t want to go to this thing. This was all Senator-elect Mark Kirk’s doing. So it’s not fair to make fun of Alexi for looking like a meathead. So in an effort to be equal opportunity offender, I give you the same bit, but from a different point of view:

Kirk: I’ve never been in here before.

Alexi: I know, you said it was on Lower Wacker, not Lower Michigan.

Kirk: Eh, no one will know the difference. I don’t like it down here anyway. Smells like pee.

Alexi: Sure.

Kirk: Do you still use MySpace? I can never tell when something has jumped the shark.

Alexi: I don’t know.

Kirk: Well, let’s stay in touch on it. I put up some Nora Jones songs on my profile. Say, do you like my part? I went left today. Tomorrow, maybe I’ll go right.

Alexi: I gotta jet.

Kirk: Yeah, cool. Good talk. Good talk, Russ.