What should mayoral candidates repeal?

What should mayoral candidates repeal?
What should mayoral candidates repeal?

What should mayoral candidates repeal?

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Carol Mosely Braun wants to undo the famed Daley parking meter privatization deal. Essentially, this is her Obamacare. Maybe she should start a new political party (how about the “Meters Are Too Damn High Party?”) and steal a bunch of the pay boxes and dump them in Burnham Harbor. I’d cover it.

Candidate Rahm has also talked about how he would be in favor of food trucks, which is still being discussed in the backrooms of Mayor Richard Daley’s City Council.

As more and more candidates start to release their initiatives and ideas to the press, we will see more and more of Mayor Daley’s accomplishments called into question. Let’s face it, after the midterm election, it’s become fashionable to run on the almighty “repeal” platform.

Candidates wanting to undo previous administration’s policies is nothing new, but it does give us the opportunity to have fun at their expense.

So together, as a Chicago community, what should candidates be looking at to repeal?

I’ll throw out some good candidate talking points, you can add.

  • I would repeal Navy Pier. Instead of trying to improve it, candidates should be removing it. It would be an awesome place to store concrete and perhaps asbestos cleared out from elementary schools.
  • I would repeal the closing of the Lakeview Lounge. I would restructure the building to be a run-down bar in Edgewater and try to get the band that played behind the bar back together.
  • I would repeal Millennium Park. Nobody remembers how cool that vast empty rail yard was. Industrial chic.
  • Someone should repeal Dick Jauron. Just go back into history and remove him from ever coaching the Chicago Bears.
  • Gery Chico should run his whole campaign on repealing the Cows on Parade. That should be erased from Chicago public-art history.
  • Rev. James Meeks should run on repealing Chicago’s association with TBS’s awesome hit ‘My Boys.’