What’s going on today? Let WBEZ blogs explain

What’s going on today? Let WBEZ blogs explain

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I’m writing this the night before and scheduling to publish. So don’t lose faith. I’m sure there is some sort of awesome news story happening right now that I am missing. It’s kind of like the Ferris Bueller synthesizer/fake mannequin under the covers routine.

Let’s get right to the post today: The bloggers are kicking ass. The last couple days have been great. I’m excited about what they are working on. May I share? I was going to write about these stories, but they do it much better.

Obejas: She’s all over the debt ceiling. She, like the liberal vote that I talked about yesterday, believes Obama has compromised too much. Again. It’s an interesting take and frankly, the ultimate argument I’ve heard against the President. And then she follows up with a post showing how the big states voted in the debt deal. It’s fascinating.

DeRogatis: Hey Sun-Times, seriously? Did you guys just do a big story yesterday about how Lolla gets sweetheart deals from the city? And kind of pawned it off like it was your own? Everyone in Chicago knows DeRo did this story a year ago. Let’s at least get some credit, eh? Jim has been trying to get Mayor Emanuel to weigh in on Lolla’s relationship to the Vaneckos (Daley relatives). Rahm is dodging the question. This will be fun.

Bazer: Mark Bazer not only brings over his Interview Show videos and interviews, but he brings his RedEye column too. And I loved that column. And so do you, apparently. His Google + review (Google + is dumb) went viral and his piece yesterday is moving at that pace as well. Mark takes aim at Yahoo! News and the over-the-top headlines for their weird news stories.

Schmidt: John, I didn’t know what the ‘Pineapple Primary’ was. And now I do. And it’s feels good to know that. Seriously, I’m learning a ton about Chicago history. The piece on a random day at Wrigley Field in 1971 was mesmerizing.

Bey: Lee Bey, after working the beat for us last week on the news that the old post office over 290 was going to be turned into the biggest skyscraper, Lee returns with a post about leftover design inspired by the space race. I don’t know about you, but I might take a trip to 79th street just to get my dry cleaning from the future.

Sports: I should go to Bears camp. I should give you an update through a pair of eyes you trusted for the last few seasons on this blog. I need to expand my role. It’s Bear season. I’m working on this tomorrow.

Mission Amy KR: Is it possible that I am dreaming? Amy Krouse Rosenthal just published her 84th mission. 84. I’ve been here for all of them. What an amazing project that just keeps getting better. I think this is awesome web. This week: Amy does a play on YouTube and created YouTub, where you can submit your questions about life and dreams and Amy will answer them…from the tub. She’s going to do it, too. And it’s going to be awesome. So put your questions in now. Let’s make Amy answer, like 250 questions…from the tub!

Onstage/Backstage: What a month. Traffic has almost doubled on our theater blog. They are pumping out at least two or three posts a day covering Chicago’s theater scene. You gotta love that. And Kevin Bacon is going to play a Chicago show? Niiice.

I didn’t even mention Lousia Chu, who has some great stuff coming this week from her weekend picking corn. Not something I think I’ve encountered since childhood. I’m excited to hear about it.

Well, I’m going to celebrate this awesome WBEZ blogotopia by heading over to Claire Zulkey’s literary variety show, Funny Ha Ha tonight. She has some great, famous writers cracking wise. I’ve done this show before with Schadenfreude. The show used to be co-hosted by now famous YA writer John Green. But this show is all Zulkey. Claire reads, Steve Delahoyde shows films and Claire’s awesome stable of writers slay. I’m going to film some stuff for future blogs. This is going to be a lot of fun. Come on out tonight. 7pm at the Hideout.

I’ll be the guy in the back with the huge grin.