What’s the market value for a homemaker these days?

What’s the market value for a homemaker these days?

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Many people have tried to put a price tag on what—or who—makes a happy home over the years. But would you believe that the modern-day market value for a homemaker is estimated to be near six-figures?

That’s according to a recent study by financial-investment site Mint.com. The study takes into account the “services” provided by a homemaker and what said services would net an individual in a professional environment—a private chef, a house cleaner, child-care provider, driver, lawn maintenance and laundress. All told, said domestic worker would net more than $96,000 per year.

Eight Forty-Eight invited the Washington Post’s Janice D’Arcy, who writes the On Parenting blog, and Pat Byrnes, aka “Captain Dad” to crunch the numbers—and invite listeners to share their thoughts on the value of a homemaker.

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