Whit Nelson on the NASA that boldy goes nowhere

Whit Nelson on the NASA that boldy goes nowhere

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A Kennedy Space Center Tweet-up (Flickr/Dave Schumaker)
The organization that once inspired thousands of kids to pack their bags and go to Space Camp has been looking a little worse for the wear lately. Comedian and science buff Whit Nelson reveals why we should be worried about the aliens coming to get us. Read an excerpt or listen below:

“Last month, our distinguished guest, President Barack Obama made a huge mistake — all due respect — by killing the NASA funds which would have underwritten the next two missions to Mars. These funds were culled from the budget in order to fund the replacement to the Hubble telescope, called the James Webb telescope, which is now massively overbudget. as a result, we have just sacrificed two trips out into the universe in order to get a better view from our front porch.

NASA doesn’t go boldly anywhere anymore. NASA studies weather patterns, they track asteroids, and they have, no joke, created a facebook page to get kids interested in space.

It was not always like this. There was a time when science and exploration were more than to-do items for the United States, they were existential necessity.”

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