Would you like a little push?

Would you like a little push?

This is a true story.

I was at a water park with my kids. I found myself at the top of one of those insane drop slides you shoot out of at like a bazillion miles per hour. I was scared out of my mind. Out. Of. My. Mind. But then it became: I have to do this.

I kept letting people go ahead of me in line. Okay, he didn’t die. Okay, she didn’t die either… The succession of non-deaths was comforting, but not as much as one would think. Finally I got up the courage (stupidity) to sit myself down in the ready-to-go position. “Ready?“asked the lifeguard person. “Yep,” I lied. And so it began.

I kept my eyes shut super tight. Right away I felt like, Wow, this isn’t bad at all; it’s a shockingly smooth ride. I thought about what great engineering was behind this contraption because it hardly felt like I was moving.

After a few more second I hard a voice from what seemed like out of nowhere: “M’am, would you like a push?” I hadn’t moved an inch.

* * *

All this to metaphorically say: Sometimes, the fact that we are “stuck” completely escapes us, but it is painfully obvious to those around us. So today, consider giving someone the push they need. They may be taken aback at first. But chances are, they will thank you later.