Wrigley updates concessions this season

Wrigley updates concessions this season

Buffalo-style bison foot-long (courtesy: Levy Restaurants)

With the Crosstown Classic slated to begin today, we’re taking a closer look at both ballparks’ efforts to upgrade their concessions this season. On Wednesday, we talked about The Cell; today we’re up in Wrigleyville, where the new owners, the Ricketts family, have done a wonderful job of synergy that would make even the Tribune proud. The family owns a bison ranch out West, and have decided that, in addition to offering fans the usual assortment of dogs and brats, they’re also going to put these High Plains Bison products on the menu as well. There are hot dogs, burgers, even “meatball” sandwiches made from bison. ‚ It’s definitely a leaner product, and certainly, much lower in fat than a standard hot dog. ‚ I found the dogs a little on the dry side, but when you stretch them to a footlong, then toss them in spicy buffalo sauce and crown them with blue cheese slaw, the dog is pretty darn good. When you can add a little fat to the grinder, and make them into burgers and meatballs, so much the better.

Big Slugger Nachos (courtesy Levy Restaurants)

Levy Restaurants has, for years, run the suites and luxury boxes at Wrigley, but this year they’re also taking over the concessions, and so you’ll see - alongside the helmet full of loaded nachos, some healthier options as well: chopped veggie salads and outstanding veggie burgers (the same ones they sell at the UC with black beans and brown rice).

This year, they also have gluten free beer at Wrigley - a plus for those Cubs fans who happen to be celiacs - and even better, they’ve opened up the previously exclusive Sheffield Grill in right field (near Sheffield/Addison entrance) so anyone can grab a snack or a sandwich during the game. I would say if you want to see more video of these new offerings, check out the video here after 11:30 a.m. today, but since that’s going to be at the same time as the Hawk’s parade, not really sure my story is going to air during the 11 a.m. show today.