Year in Review: 1990

Year in Review: 1990


Where were you in 1990? The United States launched Operation Desert Storm, Aerosmith appeared on Wayne’s World, East and West Germany reunited, Kevin Costner danced with wolves, Nelson Mandela was released from prison, internet pioneers wrote the first web page, and “grunge” music exploded as Milli Vanilli imploded. Even if you weren’t yet born, the events of 1990 have influenced you.

Six WBEZ personalities, along with six cutting-edge storytellers and poets, will work through the year – month-by-month, one compelling tale at a time – to bring that pivotal year alive again.

Hosted by Allison Cuddy and Don Hall


Richard Steele
Irvine Welsh
Cheryl Pope
Cate Cahan
Tim Samuelson
Joe Janes
Coya Paz
Dana Jerman
Shannon Heffernan
Jackie Taylor

Ricardo Gamboa
Odette Yousef

WBEZ91.5 presents this program as part of their celebration: Chicago Amplified: 25 Years of Independent Media.

This program is presented in partnership with Chicago Humanities Festival.

Members: $15
Public: $20
Students and Teachers: $15

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