You be the judge: What roadway can Chicago do without?

You be the judge: What roadway can Chicago do without?

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(photo by Lee Bey)

New York officials and civic activists this week are debating the demolition of the Sheridan Expressway, a mile-long interstate that links two other interstates in the South Bronx. With the roadway gone, residents would have better access to the riverfront and rumbling truck traffic could be rerouted elsewhere.

Officials are having community meetings and are looking to make a decision by 2012. But it got me thinking: What Chicago expressways and roadways do you think could be eliminated for the public good? I’m not talking about yanking up the entire Dan Ryan or pulling down the Kennedy expressway. But looking at the Sheridan as a model, could we prune away a expressway or big ramp with an eye toward enhancing the city’s livability?

I’ll start.

1. The Stevenson Expressway ramps to Lake Shore Drive: Removal of the ramps, or at least the northbound ones closest to the lake.

2. The Skyway ramps at 79th and Stony Island: The two block long off and on ramps have darkened this big intersection for decades.

Your turn…in the comments section below.