Your user-submitted weekly guide: Rollerskate for good

Your user-submitted weekly guide: Rollerskate for good

You told us what you’ll be doing, and we talked about it on air. For this weekend’s reference:

Emily Bollman will be going to Louder Than a Bomb, Chicago’s largest teen poetry competition. Performances take place all weekend at Columbia College Chicago and The Chicago Cultural Center. Head over to young-chicago-authors-dot-org for the full schedule.

Listen to Tony Sarabia on Eight Forty-Eight

Jenny Stelzer will be skating for sustainability at The Seven Generations Ahead Roller Derby for Wellness. The skate-a-thon starts 4PM Sunday at the Lombard Skating Rink. All proceeds go toward creating sustainable communities within the city.

In the weeks ahead, you can call 312-948-4848 and leave a message at any time to keep us up to date about what we should be doing, and how much cooler you are than us for knowing about it first.